May 2nd, 2011


For Better or For Worse

What kind of line is "for better or for worse" in wedding vows?  It implies that if things get REALLY bad, I'll take care of you... and your brain is fragile, so this is a pretty big vow.  It means that if you get alzheimers before me, I'll spend all my money for your babysitter or watching you degrade by myself.  If you get in a car wreck and end up with prefrontal cortex damage and become a gambling sex addict, I won't leave you, for possibly another 80 years, and will pay for your therapy which will never fix the problem.  It means I'll ignore the ethical issue of being married to a cognitively retarded individual.

If no one takes this vow of responsibility for me, and I become a gambling sex addict alzheimers patient, where will I live?  Who will feed me?  What will happen?  This is why we stuck the vow in there in the first place.  Someone has to do it and our parents probably won't be around.

Did the Spartan's have it right with that whole "throw the disabled over the cliff" thing?  Is socialism the answer?  I doubt the world even HAS enough not-disabled people to take care of all the disabled ones. 

My brain is such a depressing place.
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