Domina Vera (dominavera) wrote,
Domina Vera

My Dreaming Brain

It was recently suggested that I alter my perception to believe that I am God's favorite child, and that He has the power to give me whatever I ask for, from the smallest gift to my wildest dreams.  All I have to do is ask.

I read somewhere that people cannot actually read in the dreamstate, because the part of your brain that interprets written language is not active when you're asleep.  So I asked to explore that while I slept.

Guess what!  I can't read in my sleep. 

I dreamed I was in my apartment, which had the address in big numbers inside the front door.  I was sitting at my dinner table, reading the Journal.  I looked up to see what my address was, and the numbers just melted into squiglies and swam around in a tight circle there on the wall, until I looked away, at which point they promptly regained their original positions.  I looked down at the Journal, which had the heading in large, bold font, and an entire page of text underneath.  When I looked at the heading, the letters melted to squiglies and swam.  The rest of the page was stationary.  When I looked down to read the page, the heading resumed its original position, and the news swam around on the page.  Argh!  How frustrating.

I also know that when I was young, and all I watched on TV was The Lone Ranger, I dreamed in black and white.  I now always dream in color, and almost daily I remember my dreams with a veil of vagueness.

I have sleep paralysis, and it is extraordinarily scary because I also have sleep apnea.  This means while I'm awake, but paralyzed, I cease to breathe.  It gives me a very floaty sensation, that comes in waves, as if I'm phasing out of my body, until I gasp for breath, which usually breaks the paralysis.

I can explore my own brain while I sleep, consciously awake in my sleep state... haha!  What an awesome gift.  Beat that without drugs!
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