Domina Vera (dominavera) wrote,
Domina Vera

(The) Point

Watched Antichrist @DobieTheatre this weekend after my second no-family holiday- the message (besides the misogyny): Chaos reigns, as in the whole "civilization is stupid, we're all animals, let's act like it" point that the kids with the "warrior genes" and abuse victims love to proclaim.

I'm a woman. That equates to about one week of not caring that men exist, two weeks of wanting to fxck like a rabbit, and one more week of wanting you to stay the hell out of my way, but not in an obvious way, because that would be reason to suspect that you are working for the enemy. Trust me, I'd rather have a big swinging dick and only care about sports, but this is what I'm delt. With that comes the ability to have sex with whatever I want, whenever I want, however I want. Unless my boyfriend says no, which would obviously be against the will of the Universe. (Did you hear that boyfriend?)

Neglecting the obvious forces of nature involved in every choice I make, I'd like to also assert that I have freedom of choice, compassion, and the will to actualize my potential to the extent that it interferes with my wreckless indulgence in the freedom and luxury of the time and place into which I was born.

So, mull it over and tell me... should I drop 150k and go to University, or keep my money and have cake?



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