Domina Vera (dominavera) wrote,
Domina Vera

Trading Time for Money...

Lately I've been wondering about the economy of intellectual property. I pirate music galore, and haven't paid to see a movie in years. I share quotes often without citing the source, because names are largely irrelevant to the message I'm trying to communicate.

So if I dedicate my life to ... well, anything... I certainly couldn't be irked if someone consumed the fruit of my labors without paying me.

America's become this big sea of information workers, with all of our "real work" workers being borrowed from other nations... and although I am paid well, it really doesn't seem <wordsearch>justified.</wordsearch>

To sustain this bizzarre "no real work" economy, I think we should all begin to expect that our "information work" should truly draw the allelujia from any individual we expect payment from... almost like a donation- a gift that says "My life would be incomplete without your contribution to it, please accept my meager monetary gift so that you can continue your work for others."

People should WANT me in their lives, WANT to pay me, WANT to promote me, because without me, their lives would be less full, less fulfilling, less whole...

(In defense against what you're thinking right now, I would TOTALLY send Wikipedia my life savings if I didn't already owe it to Bank of America. Bastards.)

Everything in this world has become so strangely back-asswards... I have to spend my entire life's earnings before I earn them just to go to school so I can eventually, hopefully, pay the school back before I die. Is this a prison of my own mind... or is this just the United States of America?

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