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Tingly, tiny little bubbles of creativity are fighting their way back into my consciousness now with school having been out for an entire 48 hours.  In a , I drove down to 6th street to dance to Maceo Parker and his band... they make me all squeely with the kind of happiness you only feel when a time signature syncs up perfectly with the subconscious you'd long forgotten.  I met some friends there, and we talked about how classically cool this time is in this city, and danced upstairs together in the little VIP box at Antone's, and into the private little band quarters... until the butch lady manager came to rush us out of course, and I told her that it was okay and that I'd be bitchy too if I had to wear such a hideous suit... so unlike me.  I must have had just enough to drink, and I was proud of myself for it.

My 2nd grade best friend came to visit me, and she's pregnant, and it's a boy.  We did absolutely nothing and laughed and gossiped the way old friends can, like family that you hardly know and don't consider whether or not you like them, because they're yours, and you love them in any case.

I went again to the plastic surgeon to try on some things for size before my BA, which will be six days from now.  As they took pictures for record, my boyfriend stood behind them snapping pictures too and we came home and sort of giggled over them; as you really can't laugh at someone trying to bend over to show off cleavage they have absolutely not a chance of being able to squeeze together, without sounding rude, even if the person is you because it's such a sad comedy and everyone has the same weird human body to laugh at and scoff over, and no matter what you'll always look like a run of the mill mammal.  Can you imagine your puppy going in for rhinoplasty?  haha.  I feel like that, sort of, but I bounced them around and I'm excited nonetheless.


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