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Showing up

Went to see Hesher last night.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt does it for me-- I am such a sucker for horribly maladjusted people.  He tells this story when the chick says "Just when you think your a day can't get any worse, you discover whole new ways that it can get worse."--


Once, I was having an orgy with these four chicks.  I was fuckin' one of them and finger bangin' the other, but there were still these two other girls, and they wanted to get off too.  So I start fingering the other one with my other hand and I'm rubbin on the fourth one with my toe.  And my tounge hurts and my fingers are gettin tired and I just quit.  ...yeah... I just quit. 

And you know what happened?  These four chicks started gettin' each other off.  Yeah.  Just making out and (yadda yadda).  And I just sat back and watched, and all I had to do was get myself off.

It's amazing how disjointed my thinking became, having been so overwhelmed for so long.  Paragraphs and stories don't complete themselves; they just stop and I'm onto some other thing, in no particular sequence.  I could complete them with effort, but I've never had to before... and this isn't a term paper.  haha

After the drafthouse, we walked over to Gibson's and I tried to find a new drink for myself.  Bars don't make mexican martinis and they always have cheap Amaretto, so that's out of the question.  I abhor the taste of alcohol (blech!) so I usually stick to something sweet, like Cherry Vodka Sours.  More than one sour makes me ill.  Long Islands are hit-or-miss with the bar tenders around here...  I tried a chocolate martini-- too strong.  A cosmo-- too typical.  Scotch-- wheeeeew.   Tuaca, haha.  Everything after that was just hiiiiiiiiilarious.  But I still don't have a drink. :)

They were screening Casa Blanca on the Whole Foods deck, and the line at Amy's was crazy so we got some gelatto instead.  The best part of summer is meeting up with old friends and trading the little jewels of insight we gathered while we were parted, one by one.  It makes me fall in love over and over, and it's so hard not to kiss someone you love so much!  And I think I love EVERYONE.  It's the only reason I can think of for living in a social way-- feeling their lives and knowing them and loving them for existing.  It's fun and it makes me happy.  :D

It's a beautiful weekend here... I'm scared to go out and enjoy it because I don't want to catch a sunburn before tomorrow morning.  With my luck, if I so much as open the blinds I'll be as red as a lobster for a week.  Hamilton Pool is closed for swimming, and I won't be able to swim in it for at least 8 weeks now.  I'm VERY sad about it.  Guess I'll have to spend my weekends flying instead. Poor me.  ;)

Oh!  And I forgot... I had a job interview last Thursday, and I have another THIS Thursday.  Kind of awkward being flat chested for the first and having bazoongas for the second, but hopefully it's kind of a done deal by now anyway.  If they give me the green light, I'll be going back to the old team in RR5.  I miss them and I can't wait to come back! <3  Happy summer!


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